Professional GBS® Master Program

Join us for our intensive Program!

Get any individual course Certification in just 2-3 hours/day across 3 days.

Become a fully Certified Professional GBS® Master in just 2-3 hours/day across 3 weeks.

Five Courses, Six Certifications

Inixia has created a proprietary approach to building GBS expertise.

  • Our model starts with Foundation knowledge and builds up to pinnacle skills of Leadership.
  • Each of five courses comes with its own professional certification.
  • You have the ability to sign-up for individual courses, or successfully complete all five courses,earning an opportunity to earn a sixth designation: Certified Professional GBS® Master.
  • Expect engaging classes, small-group breakouts, case studies, strong relationship building with other GBS Leaders, and industry expert instruction.
  • Get 2 free hours of coaching from an Inixia Advisor if you complete the full program, becoming a Certified Professional GBS® Master.

Professional GBS® Courses