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Global Shared Services

The Global Shared Services Industry is one of today’s fastest growing industries. That is because it can transform, energize, accelerate business is done. Around the world, nearly every company and organization now embracing some level of shared service operations.

It is also one of the most complex and challenging areas of the business to manage and maximize.

Our Aim: Professionalizing, Accelerating the Industry

We built one of the first and largest shares service organizations in the world at Procter & Gamble, then shaped it into a benchmark standard, showcasing how a shared service can drive efficiency, savings, productivity, innovation and successful business transformation.

How we did it and what we learned is now helping shared service leaders, teams, and professionals achieve personal and professional success at leading companies around the world.

What is happening in the Industry today?

2022 Report: Global State of the Shared Services & Outsourcing Industry

2 Minues: How to increase value and impact with IBM's Hari Ram.

The Employee Experience in Shared Services

Leveraging Technology in shared services

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Certification Courses

We offer the only of its kind training course that can certify you as a master in professional Global Shared Services. Developed with industry leaders and packed with strategies, models, and case studies, it is endorsed by the Shared Services and Outsourcing Network, the largest shared services organization in the world. Our success was underpinned by our ability to drive year-on-year business transformation. We have packaged in the world. Our success was underpinned by our ability to certification course: Leading Business Transformation.

Custom Trainings

What does your organization need? Leadership Team training, organiation-wide training on service delivery? A deep dive on the strategy of Running as a Business? We can package our learnings into a customized course or series of courses to advance and accelerate your work.


We work with an arrayof companies and leaders at all levels,offering strategy review, planning consultation, outsourcing best practices, and leadership development. 

How Effective is Your Shared Service Organization?

Our assessments can help you determine the current maturity and
impact of your organization, which will help shape your next steps toward growth and accelerated value.

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Certification training can accelerated your career and work. We offer multiple courses throughout the year.