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Expertise, Examples, Engagement

You have objectives for your work/career, your teams, you organization. Inixia can help you get there – and beyond.

We offer a series of certification trainings, that build knowledge, leadership, exposure, industry connections, and showcase proven expertise.

We also create customized trainings to meet the unique and evolving needs of your teams and organization.

Each of our trainings is developed by and with some of the world’s leading strategists and thought leaders in shared services – operations, management, systems, and leadership – and in business transformation. Their decades of experiences, successes, and mistakes are packed into every training, giving you take-away best practices, proven models, and key strategies to accelerate your work.

Every training also is delivered by experts. They have worked in the field, been in the trenches, and directed strategies in the boardroom. Courses are aimed at high-interaction, personal engagement, connection building with trainers and class participants, and networking.

Certification Training

Inixia offers the only expert-created and delivered certification training for Professional Global Business Services, aimed at elevating the professionalism and acceleration of the fast-growing shared service industry. Learn More. LINK To PGBS tab

Inixia also offers certification in Leading Business Transformation, building skills critical for any professional today seeking to advance their careers and impact and the success of their teams. Learn More  LINK TO LBT Tab

Customized Training

We have trained leadership teams, service lines, functional groups and entire organizations at some of the leading companies in the world:

Our Trainings

  • Each course is customized, including packaging varied course, streamlining or expanding.
  • Each is led by an Inixia expert bringing extensive experience as a practitioner and leader.
  • Each is focused on helping your team understand critical strategies and applications to solve immediate and real problems.

A few of our previous delivered trainings include:

Leadership Teams

Vital to the success of any GBS is the strength, alignment and shared-focus of its leadership teams. This can be as difficult to manage as it is critical. This course helps strengthen and focus your teams on common principles, shared vision and mutual support.

Running as a Business

This course gives your team a deep-dive into the concept of running your GBS not as a function, but as a business. This powerful strategic shift is critical to transforming from a cost center to a strategic resource in your company.

It will give your team a solid understanding of the Brand-Building Framework and how that can sharpen your strategies, services and work with internal business partners.

Shaping Your Value Proposition

Learn how to ensure company leadership understands the current and future value of your organization, and that your teams support each step of the journey.

This course drives strategy development, organization management, stakeholder management – all critical in an increasingly dynamic industry. It also helps shape understanding of and vision for future-state shared services.

Transformation Management

Build expertise in driving ongoing improvement in service quality, cost, and customer satisfaction, by bringing together the known tools of project management, business transformation and organizational

Operations Management

Ensure your service center teams know the best-class methods of operationalizing your shared service, including approach, methodology and tools needed for running day-to-day operations, managing operational issues and driving continuous improvement methodologies

Service Management

Learn the transformational strategy of running your organization as a business and not just a service, along with gaining a deep understanding of framework, standards and processes for defining a clear, business-run Service Line. Includes pricing and benchmarking, creating strategies and innovation plans, and commercializing the Service.