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We built one of the largest and most complicated shared service organizations, transformed and advanced it every year and made it “Best in the World.”

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Our aim is to take you and your organization to the next level by sharing game-changing strategies in shared services and business transformation.

Created and delivered by experienced industry leaders.

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Shared Stories

Why Estée Lauder came to Inixia

 Ilana Vorster

Estée Lauder

Ilana Vorster, Global Director of Strategy and Operations for Estée Lauder, was looking for insights and strategies on how she could help her GBS balance cost reduction with strategic transformation while also ensuring the organization continued to evolve and mature.

Shared Stories

How Running as a Business Transforms Organizations

Tony Saldanha


Most shared service organizations think of themselves as a function. But when they embrace that they really are a business — a Global Business Service (GBS) — that is where the magic begins and work transforms.

Shared Stories

Why did a Mars executive want to become a Certified Professional GBS® Master?

Mert Kacmaz

Mars Executive

Mert Kacmaz, Vice President at Mars, Inc., is an experienced shared services professional who immediately applied what he learned in the GBS certification course to his daily work.

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