Working With You To
Make Your Teams,
Organization Stronger

Put Our Experiences to Work Against Your Challenges

We have partnered with dozens of Fortune 100 and 500 companies, driving efficiencies, and upgrading the professionalism and experience of their teams.
We can do the same for you.
We can help because we have been there – both in the trenches and in the Board Room.
More often than not, an objective and discreet sounding board can revitalize and reshape your approach and increase your success.

How You Can Make Our Experience Yours:

Customized Trainings

Designed in partnership to meet the unique and evolving needs of your team / leadership / organization.

Each training is built by the world’s leading strategists and thought leaders in shared services – operations, management, systems, and leadership – and in business transformation. Their decades of experiences, successes, and case studies are packed into every training, giving your team take-away best practices, proven models, and key strategies.

The aim is to enable your teams to reapply what’s been proven to work, accelerating their work and your enterprise’s success.

   Leadership Team
   Running as a Business
   Shaping Your Value Proposition
   Business Transformation / Change Management
   Operations Management
   Service Management
   Transformation Management

Group Sessions / Guest Speakers

Are you brining your team or organization together? We can create a topic-specific presentation, working session or strategy meeting to address or strengthen key focus areas, or introduce new strategies.


Determining where you are on the shared service maturity progression is key in building next-stage strategies. We can guide you through a deep self-assessment, or we can come in and do a full assessment with your teams, setting the stage for strategic planning.

Wicked Problem Sessions

Every shared service organization wrestles with the same, common wicked problems. Let us help you work through them based on what has worked with us and other companies we have consulted with and trained.

    What to outsource, what work to retain?

    How to effective evaluating a potential long-term partner.

    Are you building the skills your teams will need tomorrow?

    How can you build stronger, strategic relationships with key business partners?

    How much should you invest in innovation?

    How do you invest while still increasing cost savings?

    Are you driving change or executing direction?

    What do we really want, have the ability, to achieve?

    How can you drive better outcomes, build stronger and more agile teams?


As a business leader, challenges are ongoing. One of our founders or leaders can work with you, discretely if needed, to solve key issues, wicked problems or new opportunities.

General Counsel

Not sure what help may look like, but you are not meeting goals or moving toward the next level? We have been there as well. We can talk through your situation and review options.

We also can help you assess the maturity of our organization and chart how to best get to the next level of breakthrough delivery.

Our Work With Organizations Like Yours

   Leadership Team

   Running as a Business

   Shaping Your Value Proposition

   Business Transformation / Change Management

   Operations Management

   Service Management

   Transformation Management