Business Transformation

Develop the Skills to Envision and Drive Change

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Build the expertise to drive transformation in your team, business unit or across the organization.

No Longer Just for Senior Managers

Anyone Can Drive Transformation

To stay in business and to drive competitive advantage, organizations are increasingly looking to make changes that will increase productivity, innovation, savings, quality, employee retention, value.

This shift has opened the door for any employee to make an important impact. Transformation is no longer a senior-manager’s job.

What Is Business Transformation?

Change Does Not Need to be Big to be Impactful

Few companies today are willing or able to embrace long transformation programs. Good news is that we have repeatedly seen how incremental or smaller business transformations can generate great, lasting value, quickly.

Game-changing transformation does not need to be broad and big. It does, however, need to be strategic and well executed.

Business Process Transformation:
  • Focus: How the work is done
  • Aim: Increase efficiency and effectiveness
  • Goal: Free capacity for higher-value work
  • Scope: Small to very broad
Digital Transformation:
  • Focus: Technology
  • Aim: offer new products and services, by more rapidly designing, building, or distributing them.
  • Goal: Generate additional value
  • Scope: Small to very broad, can enable Business Process Transformation
Organization Transformation:
  • Focus: How the organization operates
  • Aim: Increase competitive advantage
  • Goal: Drive long-term sustainability
  • Scope: Typically, very broad, including staffing, reporting lines, skills and experience, organizational design
Cultural Transformation:
  • Focus: How people work
  • Aim: Shape employee behavior
  • Goal: Improve business results by more effectively engaging employees
You Need the Toolset, Mindset, Skillset ​

Leading Transformation is a Skill

The leadership skills critical to driving effective change do not come naturally. They are either gained through years of tried-and-failed practice, or through focused training.

But, most organizations do not know how to train their teams to be change agents – to see possibilities, sell the opportunity, effectively engage employees, and drive successful implementation.

Lack of training is the primary reason that 70% of business transformation efforts fail.

The Inixia Business Transformation Certification Program provides you with the Toolset, Mindset, and Skillset to drive impactful change – in your teams, your project, or across your organization.

You will develop and sharpen skills to:

  • Create a transformation vision
  • Energise their organizations around that vision
  • Enable change while engaging teams and business partners with strong execution plans

Who is this Course For?

All Functions, All Levels Need to Understand Business Transformation

In today’s market, companies are looking for people who can see opportunities and drive change.

You should consider this course if you are seeking:

  • Improved business results
  • Stronger teams
  • Increased role satisfaction
  • Greater career trajectory

Or, if you currently are thinking any of the following:

  • I think there are opportunities in my company, and would like to contribute, but don’t think I you have the skills or the knowledge.
  • There is a need to change several processes, but senior leaders are not acting.
  • You want to personally help, lead, and expand you “circle of influence.”
  • Several things could be done to improve the way business runs. However, it’s not clear how to prfioritize, develop a plan, or how to motivate people.
  • You don’t have full control over business transformation, or the people involved. However, you see opportunities and you want to learn how to help and make an impact.
  • You have attended courses, seminars, and are reading a lot. However, that content felt a bit theoretical. You are looking for something concrete, applicable, and best-in-class.

How is the Course Organized?

A Proprietary Framework Drives Deep Skill Development

Inixia’s team of experts developed a proprietaryapproach focused to equip you with the Toolset, Skillset and Mindset to help you envision and drive transformational change in your organization, teams, projects. 

The framework breaks the course into three distinct modules, each offering participants an opportunity to earn a knowledge certification to showcase their training to current or prospective employers.

Toolset and Mindset can be taken independently. However, both are a prerequisite for Skilset.

Training Approach Training Focus
Applied Transformation Certification
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Critical Customer Requirements
  • Design Thinking
  • Innovation Management
  • Theory of Constraints
Strategic Transformation Certification
  • Applied Knowledge
  • Quick Prototyping
  • Safe Testing
  • Change Management
  • Digital Skills
Professional Transformation Certification
  • Shape the Possibility
  • Articulate Reality
  • Embrace Analytical & Critical Thinking
  • Balance Envisioning and Execution
  • Know Available Tools and Resources

How is the Course Presented?

Three Modules, Three Certifications

MODULE 1:Applied Transformation Certification

80% Toolset  | 10% Mindset | 10% Skillset



Drive an organized, successful transformation by leveraging tools to anticipate change, re-imagine possibilities, designing the future state, and then leverage the transformation.

The Toolset:

  • Carry out simple to complex transformation programs
  • Leverage Digital Literacy
  • Understand Change Management Trends


  • User and Customer Understanding
  • Desired end-state definition
  • Design Thinking
  • Innovation Management
  • Mockups and Prototypes
  • Data-Based Decision-Mmaking
  • Theory of Constraints Fundamentals
  • Transformation Methodologies DMAIC – 6 Sigma
  • Understand and Create Change
  • Change Management Fundamentals
  • Leadership Engagement

MODULE 2:Strategic Transformation Certification

85% Mindset  | 10% Toolset | 5% Skillset



Develop the mindset needed to Identify key business opportunities, looking through the trained lens  of “what’s needed and what’s possible.”

The Mindset:

  • Create a culture of ideation and “possibilities”
  • Develop an engagement model with the business
  • Develop precise, deliberate, actionable communications – internally and externally
  • Create and maintain the energy needed for change
  • Engage business partners for strong execution


  • Landscape Assessment
  • Needs Evaluation
  • Business Opportunity Identification
  • Concept Writing
  • Vision Creation
  • The OP Model
  • Key Motivators
  • Situational Awareness
  • Cultural Transfor
  • PIE Model
  • High Performance Working Systems
  • Business Engagement Model development
  • Effective Business Communications
  • Deliberate Executions

MODULE 3:Professional Transformation Certification

100% Skillset



Develop transformative leadership skills through applied and reviewed case-study preparation.

The Skillset:

  • Follows the successful completion of Modules 1 and 2
  • Participants work on complex case studies guided and reviewed by transformational coaches and discussed with top industry leaders
  • Course work demystifies the latest trends in Change Management Competencies, Project Management Methodologies and builds digital technologies acumen
  • Participants then work in a case-study practicum with one-on-one expert coaching then present and defend their work to a group of transformation experts for final certification


  • Project Mgmt. Methodologies and Trends
  • Change Mgmt. Competencies and Trends
  • Digital Tech Know-How literacy
  • Mindset Case Study presentation
  • Individual team coaching
  • Industry Experts Presentatio
  • Toolset Case Study Presentation
  • Individual Coaching
  • Industry Experts Presentation
  • Case Study Presentation
  • Industry Experts Presentation