Leadership: August 3, 4, 5, 2022 (9am EST)

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GBS Leadership covers all aspects of GBS leadership and strategy, continuous improvement and future-sGBS Leadership details the required leadership capabilities and tools to help bring everything together within a Professional GBS® organization.  In this course, you’ll have increased opportunities to begin applying what you’ve learned, preparing you to then lead this work back within your organization.

Critical Questions Covered: 

  • What strategies and techniques help create Board and CEO buy-in for a big GBS role?
  • How do we create strategies that drives us to become and stay best-in-class in service, value and innovation?
  • How do we become a transformation engine of the company, combining emerging technologies and cutting-edge process design?


  • Operational Leadership & Strategy: End-state-back strategy, roadmap to get to Stage 4 GBS and designing the GBS operating model.
  • Continuous Improvement Strategy: End-to-end process re-engineering, intelligent process automation, integrating IT and GBS functions and Analytical Business operations.
  • Future State Strategy:  Stage 4 GBS and Digital transformation, the ‘5E Model’ to set up Future State and how to manage Stage 4 organizational change.


Completion of the Business Services Institute mastery assessment to be a Certified GBS Leadership Master.

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Course Includes

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