Professional GBS® Certification

Grow Your Shared Service Leadership, Skills

Advance Your Expertise, Your Organization’s Maturity

Through Inixia’s Professional GBS® Certification courses, you will learn key strategies, proven approaches, and standardized models that will take your work, your team, your organization to the next stage of GBS maturity, and thus deliver greater efficiency, cost reduction, agility, and innovation.

Many companies struggle — or take years — to advance beyond Stage 1 or 2. This is a tremendous loss of time and value as the real benefits of GBS come in Stages 3 and 4. Professional GBS® Certifications will help you see the path forward, and give you at the tools to get there

  • Tools that build a successful shared service
  • Skills that define your leadership, innovative thinking, and ream building
  • Credentials that distinguish you as an expert

“We are already applying what we learned to our own transformation journey.”

“It is critical that we learn from each other to ensure we as an industry are moving in the right direction.”

“This is a must.”

“It is a fabulous course.”

“This is material I will refer to again and again.”

“Unmatched in terms of any industry training currently available.”

Who This Course Is For

This course is designed to advance the skills, expertise, and leadership of mid- to senior-level shared service professionals.

Nearly every industry in the world has adopted key levels of certifications: Finance (CPA), Project Management (PMI), Supply Chain APICS), Information Technology (ITIL), Business Process management (ABPMP), Engineering (ASCE).

This certification course brings that same level of discipline and knowledge to the shared services industry.

“Every other industry has standardized trainings to build professionalism and increase results. Now, thanks to Inixia’s Professional GBS, we do, too.” – Naomi Secor, Global Managing Director, SSON

How the Course is Organized

Inixia created a proprietary approach to building GBS expertise. Our model starts with Foundational knowledge and builds up to the pinnacle skill of Leadership.

  • Foundations
  • Service Management
  • Operations Management
  • Transformation Management
  • Leadership
  • Five courses, each with its own professional certification
  • Complete all five courses to become a Certified Professional GBS<sup>®</sup> Master
  • Each course broken into 3 classes; total of about 48 hours
  • Small Classes
  • Extensive interaction
  • In-class problem solving
  • Interactive discussions with experienced practitioner
  • Networking with industry leaders
  • Direct coaching, tips, and training from industry founders

1. Foundations

This module serves as the building block for all others in the Certification series.

In three distinct sessions, you will learn from hands-on experts how a winning GBS model works, how proven strategies can drive excellence, and how your shared service can transform your company.

The Foundation course also provides the standard model and the terminology required to consistently develop advanced GBS processes

  • GBS Overview: How the model works
  • Implementation: Making the model work for you
  • Process: How to make it all work together

2. Service Management

Learn the transformational strategy Running As A Business — and not just a service. These proven processes and industry standards are the underpinnings for an effective, efficient, and high-quality organization.

Expect a deep focus on framework, standards, and processes for defining a clear, business-run Service Line including pricing and benchmarking, creating strategies and innovation plans, and commercializing the service.

  • Service Fundamentals: Understanding Running as a Business
  • Service Design: Setting up your business offerings
  • Service Strategy: Working with vs for your customers

3. Operations Management

Operations experts showcase best-in-class methods for successfully operationalizing your shared service, outlining the approach, methodology and tools needed for running day-to-day operations, managing operational issues, and driving continuous improvement methodologies.

This is an essential training for anyone working in either the Head Office or in a Shared Service Centers.

  • Operations Planning: Measures, Documentation, and Effort Estimation
  • Operations Control: Daily Management, Incidents and Problem Management
  • Continuous Improvement: Quality, Speed, and Cost; Project Identification

4. Transformation Management

Continued evolution is the key to growing and building a successful shared service.

This course shares key methods to drive ongoing improvement in service quality, cost, and customer satisfaction. It brings together the known tools of project management with elements of business transformation and organizational change — which need to play in harmony for successful service transformations

  • Automation / Digital: Enabling and driving through a shared service
  • Opportunity Assessment: Identifying how to grow, expand, strengthen
  • Transformation Execution: Applying proven change management methods

5. Leadership

Learn how to ensure company leadership understands the current and future value of your organization, and that your teams support each step of the journey.

This course drives strategy development, organization management, stakeholder management – all critical in an increasingly dynamic industry. It also helps shape understanding of and vision for future-state shared services.

  • Operational Leadership and Strategy: Mapping your organization’s future
  • Continuous Improvement Strategy: Ensuring everyone drives improvement
  • Future State Strategy: How to always be pushing forward

Earn Your Professional GBS® Master Certification

For those who successfully complete all five Professional GBS® courses, we offer an exclusive level of recognition: Professional GBS® Master.

Masters will be invited to join our Professional Inixia Community, offering:

  • Opportunity to co-author new industry materials
  • Serve as expert trainers
  • Additional professional development
  • Ongoing collaboration
  • Networking

Five Additional, Individual Certifications

Each Professional GBS® course comes with the opportunity to earn a unique certification showcasing your expertise. To qualify, you must complete the course and an assessment.

Certifications Include:

  • Foundations
  • Service Management
  • Operations Management
  • Transformation Management
  • Leadership