Weekly Digest – Episode 2 – What did you miss this week on GBSConnect?

Hi all and welcome to another completed week here at GBSConnect.

First of all, don’t forget we have our next live Q&A being held on April 22nd from 12:00 pm – 12:45 pm EST featuring none other than Kip Fanta. To secure your spot at our second Q&A, like or comment on this blog and you will receive a calendar invite!

Next, I want to give a super special shoutout to two of our 5 winners from last week’s competition.

Firstly, meet Jennifer Lawlor

Jennifer is a global service delivery manager that completed the GBS course. She values the emphasis on collaboration and innovation within the course and is excited to share her skills, experiences, and perspectives. She leaves you with the following quote, “Within the realms of GBS, every challenge is a catalyst for growth and every setback a stepping stone towards mastery”. 

Next, meet Carlos Ruiz Puga.

Carlos is a GBS Transformation and Innovation Manager. He is excited about enhancing GBS processes to assist companies in adopting leading market practices and improving their operational frameworks and business objectives. Carlos leaves you with the following quote, “Always connect with your teams, learn from your managers, listen carefully to the paths that the company is following and contribute to holistic solutions as a GBS team to achieve the goals.”

Stay tuned for the rest of the winners of the challenge and for the next challenge so that you can have a chance to win, too!

Next, let’s go over some of the other key highlights that occurred on GBSConnect this week.

Unlocking Global Financial Efficiency: Insights from Christine Dauenhauer’s Blockchain Integration Article: Christine Dauenhauer shared a very insightful article about integrating blockchain into your company’s global financial work processes. 

GBS Portfolio Prioritization: Insights on Business Capability, Unit Responsibility, and Corporate Alignment: We also had a very insightful response by Mark Dorfmueller to one of Richard Lancaster’s questions, “Share your framework on evaluating and prioritizing services for the GBS portfolio”. Mark stated that there are three primary views for this question, the targeted Business Capability, the responsible Business Unit, and alignment with Corporate Strategy to advance company goals.

Lastly, don’t forget to connect with other members and explore all GBSConnect has to offer and stay tuned for all of the new and exciting opportunities we have going on!


The Inixia team