Weekly Digest: “What Did You Miss on GBSConnect?”

Welcome to our first ever “What Did You Miss on GBSConnect?” Where we summarize news, upcoming events, and any posts we feel you may find interest in!

It has been a wild first couple of weeks in the GBSConnect community. We had inspirational stories shared, very intuitive GBS tips given, and even our very first live event, our Q&A featuring Tony Saldanha!

This is very exciting as GBSConnect is a wonderful way for all of you to grow your network, make connections with fellow Inixia alumni, share your knowledge, and grow your knowledge! We invite you to share something about yourself in the activity feed and begin connecting with other alumni! We have an amazing community of members just like you, so there are many wonderful people to meet! Remember, one of the features of GBSConnect is a 3 month period of free access to all the features on the platform. After the 3 month period, there will be a charge to access some features on the platform. So we highly encourage you to log on and utilize the free features while you can!

Secondly, I would like to point out our question of the week: “What’s one piece of advice you wish you had received when you first started your career in global business services?” As you know, last week we held a challenge that gave the first 5 members that engaged with this question an “Inixia Spotlight”!

See the winners and their response by clicking their name below.

Jennifer Lawlor: Director, GBS CX Strategy

Carlos Ruiz Puga: GBS Transformation and Innovation Manager

Angela Dougherty: Global Service Delivery Manager

Candace Dingmann: Global Shared Services Leader 

Pj Serano: Director, Organizational Readiness/Training Programs, Finance Management Services

We encourage you to connect with these members as they are all very insightful and successful GBS Members and have a lot to share. We will be showing more about these 5 Inixia Members in the upcoming days- so stay tuned for more information!

That being said, let’s go over some more key happenings in GBSConnect this past few weeks.

“Revolutionizing Organizational Processes: Ashley Martin asked the following question, “Imagine you’ve been tasked with revolutionizing a key process within your organization using ChatGPT or AI. What is the first thing you would do and why? For instance, would you reconfirm the fit between ChatGPT and your goal?” In response, Sundeep Satwani gave a very intuitive response emphasizing on the importance of starting with the overall goal and analyzing business outcomes, opportunities that need to be addressed, and more. Read his whole response by clicking on the question.

Harnessing Generative AI Insights from Dave Cohen: Dave Cohen, another Inixia trainer, shared an intriguing article explaining how generative AI can be integrated into organizations to help business flow and operations. Click here to see the post. 

Navigating Data Mining Challenges: Insights from Kathy Priest: Kathy Priest, an Inixia trainer, shared a must-read article written by SSON discussing challenges faced with data mining for process documentation, tracking and continuous improvement. 

Other than posts in the professional group, there are many other exciting opportunities to check out on GBSConnect. Chat with members on the messaging page, connect with members and trainers in the members page, create your very own forum topic and start a discussion about a topic you are passionate about in the forums page, explore the Body of Knowledge, a page filled with all sorts of valuable insights and all things GBS, and much more!

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below. We can’t wait to see you online!